Staying creative and free in the process is the key to independence that guarantees the quality of the work.
Long term - A long term vision driving on the longevity of the project,
always bringing new ideas to build a new vision of the world.

02 - community


I am nothing without you - The priority is to come together to make a real impact in the real world through the opportunity of NFT. We are explorers of the internet, let's come together to make this world a better place.

03 - metaverse


I believe in the future of NFTs and the metaverse, which is a field of infinite possibilities for us creators.
We must nevertheless educate ourselves with these new technologies which can sometimes be frightening because they are not mastered, so let's use them as tools to create new things for the general interest, the common good and the service of all.

04 - physical world


Building bridges between the physical and virtual world is a real challenge today, I believe that as artists we have the potential to weave these links, through diverse and varied products that can be used in both environments.

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